Hi fellow readers, I'm Kellie. Wife to Jason. Mama to Ted and Lily. We live in Arizona, but I grew up in Iowa. My heart is constantly being tugged back and forth between God's country and this desert we currently call home.

This little space started with Ted's birth story and was meant to document our life and happenings. At one time I had dreams of becoming some fancy blogger that new everything about cloth diapers, natural childbirth, and natural mothering...I failed at that before I even started. I never really knew what to make of this space, but there were times I got the feeling that I needed to say something, even if I was still the only one reading this little blog.

Then on May 30th, 2014 our world as we knew it came crashing down around us. We received the devastating news that our precious daughter, Lily Frances had a fatal neural tubal defect. I didn't know it was possible for my heart to ache the way it has for the past year, especially those first painful weeks. 

Now this space is something more, even if I am the only one still reading. I hope and pray every day no one "needs" to read this, but sadly I have already learned there are lots of mamas who do. Our journey with anencephaly begins hereI also contribute to All That Love Can Do, a support blog for families who choose to carry to birth. 

If you are one of those mamas who "needs" to read this, please know I am praying for you. Please know you will get through this. Please know I understand your pain and heartache. Please know you are not alone. Please know that grace that surpasses all understanding will carry you through this. And most importantly, please know that no matter how difficult this journey is, it is all worth it. Your child is worth it.

I spend my days cherishing sweet moments with my sweet two year old and longing for glimpses of my daughter in Heaven. I am somewhere between here and there, and I walk with one foot on earth and one foot in Heaven, for I am now the mother of a saint.

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