Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Five years means guitar, right?!

This was us five years ago. Young-ish and in love with no idea where life would take us. All we knew was that we were in it together and forever. I look at this picture and I wonder what would have happened if anyone told us the road we were about to journey along. 

Five years, two houses, a few jobs, one child in our arms, two in Heaven, struggles with infertility. And onward on a new, uncharted road in our marriage and as parents. I remember just before we were married, a seasoned couple told me this about her husband - they had been married over 20 years and had five children. She said, on the day she married her husband, she didn't think she could possibly love him more. Then life happened, kids happened, and 20 years later, she said she realized, compared to the way she loved him now, she just really "liked him a lot" on their wedding day.

That's the kind of love I aspire to have, and five years in I feel like we are doing a pretty amazing job. He's my best friend. He's my partner in parenting and in grief. He's the only person I can do nothing with and not be bored and he's also the only person I would steal a guitar for on our anniversary. ;-)

Five years. They have been nothing what I have expected, but I am so grateful for every single day of it and I can't wait to see God's plan for the next (hopefully) 50 years.

Cheers to you, Schmoops. There's no one else I would rather sing love songs with...forever and ever.

And just in case anyone missed it...here's my less than 15 minutes of fame ;)


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