Thursday, September 26, 2013

Five Favorites {6}

Hello friends! I've been hiding out the past few weeks. 

For the first 14 weeks with Ted it was just like I was on summer break. Now, all my teacher friends are back to school and staying home with Ted is different. I'm not on Summer Break anymore, I am officially staying home with my son. With that comes some new stresses, such as a big cut in our income and changes in insurance. 

Lots of grown up stuff that I don't like. 

In an ideal world, I could comfortably stay with Ted, guilt-free. No worries about how we are going to make it financially? What to do about insurance in case I get pregnant again soon? How can we afford vacations or trips to visit family?

Like I said...grown up stuff and I don't like it. I have been training to work from home and I am very excited to start. But, there's still the insurance...

So...I'm going to work part-time at Whole Foods! Did you know they offer benefits and vacation to part-time employees? AND a 20% discount? Just think of all the healthy food and new Toms! I'm dreaming about Ted's first shoes being baby Toms! Drool...I'm excited about it, but also nervous. 

It means giving up a few nights home with my boys. I am thankful that with the help of a few friends watching Ted for a couple hours a week, that my sweet boy will mostly be looked after by his dad or me. NO daycare! I think they will really love their time together too! Dad will get to watch a lot more sports instead of Grey's Anatomy.

This and my work from home should make all those grown-up stresses go away. :) 

My ultimate goal is to primarily work from home and then hold on to Whole Foods one day a week for insurance and that discount. Again...dreaming of Toms!

Linking up this week for my Five Favorites with Moxie Wife...

1. My birthday was a month ago and it was perfect! Jason made me a delicious dinner...grilled fish, rice and green veggies! Yum! He also gave me a gift certificate for a 90 minute massage. It was pure bliss! My dear friend brought me coffee on my birthday and another dear friend took me out for a pedicure. It certainly was a perfect birthday :)
2. I mentioned a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon Girl Scout cookie inspired coffee creamer. The thin mint was so yummy, but this one is simply divine! Have you ever drank a Samoas Girl Scout cookie? simply must try!
3. Ted started swimming lessons a few weeks ago! Did you know that Hubbard Family Swim School offers free lessons for infants 2-6 months? Ted loves it!! We were so happy that Daddy was able to make it and take some pictures and videos!
4. A few weekends ago Jason and I had our first night out in over four months! It was fabulous! We went out for my friend's birthday to BLD (delicious risotto) for dinner and The Living Room for drinks. Thanks to my sister and her fiance for watching Ted!

5. Two weekends ago I went to Prescott with my sister and co. to celebrate her upcoming wedding! Ted stayed home with Jason over night and I had a night out with the girls! It was a fabulous weekend, so much fun celebrating and Ted and Jason definitely got their baseball/football fix! I was so worried about leaving Ted (mostly because I knew Jason was nervous) but they did great! It was a great bonding weekend for both of them! Ted takes bottles now when I work and this was the perfect crash course for Ted to bottle feed! I still prefer nursing, but at least now I know he will not starve if he's away from me for a few hours. It was such a fabulous weekend celebrating my sis! We can't wait for Mexico in November!


  1. It can be stressful staying home and trying to figure out how to make ends meet. Also to hold on to who you are too. Sounds like you are figuring things out! I didn't know you were working at Whole Foods. (Of course I could get farther into reading and find out that you aren't but I'm going in order so...) Love you Kellie and please call or e-mail me any time you wan to chat about anything.