Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Two Years and a Day

I tried to get this up yesterday, but some little mister did not want to nap... ;-)

Two years...some days it feels just like yesterday and some days it feels like a lifetime ago. Either way, I wouldn't it trade it for anything in the world. 

I loved our wedding, every. single. moment. I know everyone probably says that, but our wedding ceremony was actually my dream come true. It was held in my Church I worked at and have attended since I moved here almost twelve years ago. My pastor with a ponytail I've known just as long married us. My dear friend, Ike Ndolo, blessed us with his musical gift. Receiving the Eucharist on my wedding day from the beautiful chalice. Being surrounded by 200+ family and friends from nearby and traveling from out of state. It. Was. The. Best. Most importantly, standing before those 200 people and making a covenant of forever with my amazing husband.

Most of these moments were captured by camera (courtesy of the ever so talented Christina and Lexy), but so many more will live in my memory forever. Click.

Some more of my "best of" moments from that mom seeing me in my dress for the first time. My dear friend and her daughter flying all the way from Boston for my day. My godmother sneaking in to see me before the wedding. My dad walking me down the aisle. The cutest, although stubborn, little ring-bearers around. My sweet family traveling from Iowa, Boston and Chicago. My immediate family being together for the first time in years.

 My husband and I sharing sweet moments just between us...

And...having amazing friends stand up for us at our wedding. Pre-Party with the Wedding Party!

Dancing with Jason to "I Cross My Heart"...we love us some George Strait!

My dad singing to me...

My favorite Iowa girls...

And just in case anyone is still reading this, some other favorites from our day :)

Happy two years and a day Jason! I love you schmoopy!


  1. Found you from the link-up! "I Cross My Heart," is one of my favorite George Strait songs. Those ring bearers --- too handsome! My favorite photo is the Mr. & Mrs. on the chalkboard.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I love the chalkboard pic too! I was teaching at the time, so we snuck into a classroom for it. Yes, the ring bearers are adorable...I love all their faces in the pics! They were so excited to be in the wedding until the day of :)