Monday, February 10, 2014

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Thinking about: Two beautiful years of marriage. We've had ups, downs, game changers, and so much more, but I wouldn't trade it for anything! I am truly blessed to be married to such a wonderful man who loves me for me, puts up with my ridiculousness and "lets" me beat him at Scrabble over and over again. I love you my troubadour!

Reading: Still reading Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan. I am laughing out loud as I read it and rereading parts to Jason, even though he's already read it. You would think it's not a very good book for how slowly I am reading it. It is absolutely hilarious! I just happen to have a slight problem with trying to pass quests in Candy Crush instead of reading...oops

Listening to: George Strait. I love him. I was really lucky to get tickets to one of his last shows ever! Such a special way to celebrate our anniversary (more on concert deets later). If Jason and I had been married outside the Church we would have had a George Strait inspired wedding and it would have been almost as amazing as our wedding ;-)

I mean that smile...c'mon he is one handsome cowboy. Swoon...

Watching: The best of Jimmy Fallon. He is just hilarious!! I have loved watching the best ofs all week on Hulu. I'm excited to see what he does on The Tonight Show. I hope he stays true to what he's been doing. I will be tuning in... via Hulu of course.

Thankful for: Fabulous friends I have known for nearly 12 years. I get kind of bummed sometimes being so far away from my family, but the friends I have here definitely makes up for it. We had an engagement party for some friends last weekend and it was such a blessed night! The party was great, but the best part of the night was when most of the guests left and it was my closest girlfriends, most of whom I lived with for a time, reminiscing about old times, listening to wedding details, and gabbing about our crazy boys...just like the good ol' gal pal Sunday morning gab sessions we would have.

Some blasts from the past...not too brag, but I think we all look amazing ;-)
Here's to many, many more years ladies!

Enjoy the week!


  1. How blessed you are to be able to hang with girlfriends from high school/college.
    Congrats on two years AND most importantly a man who lets you win! YIPPEE. ha
    Great daybook.

  2. Your ladies' night makes me miss having a close group of girlfriends nearby :( You are incredibly lucky to have that AND congrats on two years (we celebrate 3 in March)!

  3. Aw I love the pictures of you guys!!! So sweet. It's seriously such a blessing to have such close friends for such a long time. And Happy Anniversary ;) a good hubby always lets you win.

  4. I agree with Jenna! Although I get the feeling he's not really letting you win, you're just letting him think you think he's letting you win.... Am I right? ;)

  5. Beautiful wedding photo,,, the brick wall makes your dress pop!