Sunday, August 9, 2015

Happy Feast Day Bradley

Happy feast day sweet Bradley. 

You left an imprint on my heart long before you ever left this worldYou taught me to pray unceasingly. You taught me to embrace every moment with my son. You taught me to live for the present. You taught me what courage looks like.

I still think about you every. single. day. I know you and Ted would have the best time playing trains and t-ball. My heart hurts so much that you and Ted do not get to make those memories together. Daily I think "how it should be". I think about you and Ted playing together and your little sisters chasing after you two, mesmerized by their big brothers. This is how it should be, but sadly, it's not how it is.

Instead Ted is missing his best friend and his sister. Instead, we spend time with your baby sister, who is a ball of joy and laughter and all I can think about is how Lily should be right next to her.  Instead, we are all painfully aware there are two sweet little souls missing from our lives. I look at her and I see your big blue eyes and remember your sweet little smirk. In the same way I look at Ted's squishy cheeks and I am reminded of Lily's kissable cheeks.

In my heart, I know that you and Lily are healed in Heaven. I know you are rejoicing, dancing in the Heavens and I know that you are together and smiling down on your sister and Ted. For that I am grateful, even though my heart aches for you and for Lily because I still want you here with us on Earth. 

We miss you so much and we think about you every day, especially on your feast day. Pray for us sweet Bradley...shower your mommy, daddy and sister with kisses from Heaven and please give Lily kisses from her mama. 

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