Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cloth Diapers - First Few Weeks

So, I am sure my opinion of cloth diapers will evolve over time, but right now...I love them! I love how cute baby's bum looks in them, how absorbent they are, how much money we are saving!! I don't even mind the laundry! (This is the part that I am sure will evolve over time, especially when I have to start working again.) But, for now...I love using cloth diapers!

My sweet boy was a big boy when he was born...9 lbs 13 oz! So, we were able to start using cloth diapers on day 8. 

Big boy!!

My cloth diaper stash currently consists of four Grovia newborns, three FuzziBunz Elites, 7 or 8 FuzziBunz sized Small (older style), and three Thirsty covers size 1 to use with a few Thirsty duo inserts and a dozen Indian prefolds. It's a pretty good 2-3 day rotation since I still use disposables at night. I have some Bum Genius and Rumparooz Covers for him to grow into to add to the stash later on. They are a little bulkier.

Charlie loves Cloth Diapers too!
Grovia Newborns AIO
These diapers are adorable and super easy to use. They are AIOs (All in Ones), so no stuffing diapers or folding them up quickly before he pees on you! They are supposed to be for newborns 6-12 pounds. Now, I know I have a big baby, but it already seems like he's grown out of them and he does not weigh 12 pounds yet! I like how easy they are to use, but I don't like how low they are cut, especially for a boy. They seem to leak out at the top. When I try to snap them tighter at the waist, it makes it too tight on his legs. Overall, I like these diapers, I just have to keep an eye on them for leaks and keep a new outfit on hand, which is pretty easy!

LOVE the owl print!

Here is my attempt of doing my own newborn photos...
needless to say, not a success

FuzziBunz Elite
I have three FB Elites and I did not like them at first. They are a OS diaper, so they just seemed so bulky at first. A few weeks in and I am starting to like them a lot more! They are really absorbent and have not leaked yet!! I wish I had some more (I do have a few more, but they are girly colors...just can't do that to my boy!) I love these diapers because I should be able to use them until he is ready to potty-train.

I love the color! I also have a lime green and red :)

FuzziBunz Small
The majority of my current diaper stash is FuzziBunz sized Small diapers. I really, really, really like these especially right now! They are still a little big and I have to overlap the snaps, but they are not as bulky as the Elites. They do not have the sizeable elastic like the Elites, either. The one downside is this. I have about 10 more that all need new elastic, so I can't use them...bummer because I really like them and I have some cute print ones! Anyone reading this know how to fix the elastic?! Overall, they fit my boy really well and I know that he will grow into them well. Even with the looser elastic, they have not leaked at all. That's a good diaper for me!

Can you see how I overlapped the snaps?! ;-)

Thirsties Cover and Indian Prefolds
These have me the most frustrated right now. I love the idea of the cover with prefolds, love the colors of the Thirsties covers, love how much cheaper it is, but I am not loving these diapers! They leak almost every time my sweet boy wears one. Not just leaks, but LEAKS! It gets on the cover, so then I can't reuse it and sometimes it even leaks out! I've tried using snappis, but it still seems to leak! I have a few Thirsties Duo Wrap inserts...they leak too! If anyone has any advice or different inserts to try I am all ears! My other complaint is that they say from 6-18 boy weighed almost 10 and they are still pretty big on him! I can't imagine how it could fit a 6 pound baby! Just to end on a happy note, he does look pretty adorable in the Thirsties Covers, right? :)

With the Snappi

Love the colors!

I love the velcro because it fits pretty snug

This one is adorable

As far as washing and drying goes, that part is pretty simple. I definitely am doing more laundry, but I am anyway with a newborn. I will say I would not be as excited about cloth diapers if I didn't live in such a sunny place where I can line-dry and bleach the diapers in the sun. Definitely makes it easier and cheaper! So, there is my first round of cloth diaper reviews! I will be back with more when I add in some Rumparooz covers and contour diapers and the BumGenius!

What are your favorite cloth diapers?

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  1. Kellie- I am glad the cloth diapers are working well for you...we love them too! I will be interested to hear how the Bum Genius works for you - that is all we use with Emma, and they are great! I also love drying them in the sun, but we have had many dreary days here in Omaha recently!