Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Six Weeks

I know every mom says this, but it is so true...time flies! I cannot believe this sweet boy is six weeks old! I had planned on updating when he was one month, but it's just gone too fast! 

How crazy is this?! This boy is definitely not a "newborn" anymore!

About a week ago I went through all of his clothes and sorted out all the newborn clothes. I tried to squeeze him into them for as long as possible...one night I could barely get his onesie on for bedtime. It actually got stuck on his bicep! When I tried to get it off, I think he actually laughed at me!

We also transitioned him into his crib. This was heartbreaking for me. I want him to be close, but the truth was NONE of us were getting any sleep. I think I was mostly sad because to me it means he's not a newborn anymore. He's graduated to "infant". I don't know why this hit me so much, the first night he slept great...I didn't sleep at all, I just kept watching the monitor.

This is our saving grace! 
The Woombie has helped ALL of us sleep better! 
And how cute is he?!

As sad as I am to see my sweet boy graduate from newborn to infant, I am loving what being an infant means! We are starting to see this little man's personality and I love it! We've finally got nursing down and this boy loves to eat! Can you tell?

11.1 pounds at his one month!
I love this squishy face!

He still sounds like a little dinosaur with a sweet roar when he wants to get our attention. It is the cutest thing! He also snorts at me when he is hungry, also adorable! He finally likes his Wubbanub and I love it! I didn't really realize you have to train a baby to take a pacifier, so I was discouraged at first. I might regret it someday, but now I don't care because how cute is this?!

This sweet boy is definitely starting to recognize his dad and follow us with his eyes.

He loves sitting with his dad watching baseball and "Airplane time"

The very best part of this new infant stage is this...

Seeing this sweet boy smile brings so much joy to my life. It makes up for every sleepless night and every stressful moment. The best part is he is smiling at us, his mom and dad. I am still in complete awe that I am his mama.

We had a fun impromtu six week photo shoot and this boy was killing me with these adorable faces! I also think he likes being naked...all boy for sure!

Charlie wanted in on the photo shoot too!
He's still "adjusting" to the new member of
our family. Every time Jason has the baby instead 
of me he jumps on my lap. :)

So these first six weeks have been quite an adjustment, but I wouldn't change it for anything! Jason told me last week that even though the baby is only six weeks, it seems like he's always been here. It just makes me think that he was always meant to be ours. I was always meant to be his mama. :)


  1. He is so sweet Kellie!! I miss those teeny tiny newborn days!

    1. That means it's time for another AK! ;-)