Thursday, July 25, 2013

Five Favorites

This is my first link up...saw the idea on Anna Kate's blog and linked up to Camp Patton.

This should be fun! :)

1. So, when I was pregnant I spent all my time reading about child birth and forgot to read about when the baby actually is here. Needless to say we had a very rough start. I scoured the interwebs for help, but EVERYONE has contradicting views. I came across this book at a used book store. I had never heard of it, but I LOVE it! Combine what it says about baby having 90 minute wake cycles and what this book says about putting baby on a schedule...I think we have a winner! After 4 days of following baby's cues and a feeding schedule, Ted slept 8 hours last night! Of course, I didn't because I kept waking up expecting him to wake up!
2. I don't know if it's being on a schedule or because he's almost 3 months old...Ted is getting to be so fun! He laughs and "talks" all the time now! I discovered this awesome play mat from a friend. Ted loves it! When he kicks it he plays music and he loves looking in the little mirror.
3. I just discovered this coffee creamer. It is so yummy! Coffee at home that now tastes like an iced mocha?! Yes, please!
4. Ted is so fun now...he enjoys reading/eating books! I love watching him try to grip things.
5. We took Ted to his first baseball game this week and he loved it! He looked like a little old man watching the game. He was even on the jumbotron! I am so bummed I missed a picture of it, but we took plenty of our own.
This little man is 3 months tomorrow and he is getting baptized on Sunday! We are ready for a great weekend!

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