Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Currently {5}

Thinking about LENT. I've mentioned before that I love the season of Lent. It is my favorite season of the Church. Something about the grace that comes with making (small) sacrifices. I always have trouble deciding what to do for Lent. There's the general giving up sweets, which I always try to do. Mostly because I have a serious sweet tooth and I always need to eat better. It's kind of ridiculous and often I am not allowed to go to the store by myself. The more important reason is that to me it's a sign of simplifying my life. Taking out the unnecessary/time wasting parts of my day and filling them with things that have more meaning

So along with the sweets, my Lenten commitments are:

 1) get up every day by 6:30. I am truly blessed to have a baby that sleeps until 7:30 most mornings and I have taken advantage of that. The excuse of sleeping until he wakes up was that he was still waking in the middle of the night or I worked late. Both of those excuses are long gone. My goal is spend some quiet time in the morning in prayer/reading.

2) attend daily Mass. I love the Mass. I love the simplicity and quiet of daily Mass. I have not been in years since I was teaching. With one babe in tow I think I should be able to accomplish this.

3) read a book. I still haven't finished Dad is Fat. It's ridiculous. Time to become a reader again. My goal is to also read a spiritual book. I have a stack of books I own that I have never read. I'll let you know which one I picked. :)

4) this is probably the most important more Candy Crush. Beyond ridiculous. It's a serious love/hate relationship with that stupid game. I tried to finish the whole game before Lent, but I got stuck on the damn cake bombs. It was (sort of) fun, Candy Crush, but it's goodbye...for now ;-)

Reading SEE ABOVE.

Listening to a very fussy little boy...I'd say he's teething, but I've said that lots of times and the kid still doesn't have any teeth. But recently I cannot do anything unless he is sleeping. For the most part I don't mind leaving the laundry that needs folding, the dishes that need to be put away or the cleaning that needs to be done. It just makes me sad that I don't really know what's wrong with him. Maybe teeth? Maybe sick? Maybe he just doesn't want to be without his mama? ;-)

Watching the Oscars. I know I'm about a day late (more like 4 days late) and a dollar short. First I was supposed to be working on Sunday night, but ended up sicker than sick all. night. long. It was the sickest I have ever been and I think I lost 5 pounds...we'll just leave it at that. But, the Oscars! I used to be the biggest movie buff and still have a dream of being a seat-filler someday, but I can't seem to pay attention to movies anymore (Candy Crush might have something to do with that). I have seen not a one nomination, yet somehow all the acceptance speeches had me bawling. That and "Wind Beneath my Wings"...a serious mess. 

But then how funny was Ellen?! I loved that she ordered pizza! Luckiest pizza driver ever! Anyone else notice the seat-filler who got in on the action?! I think he was in for Matthew McConaughey. Lucky duck.

Thankful for my new job. I absolutely love it. Truly it's the best of both worlds for us. I get to spend most of my days with Ted and then I get to go and tutor kids for about 6 hours a week. I am using my education to help kids who need it and help provide for my family. My dear friend watches Ted about 3 hours a week until Jason gets home and then we watch her daughter on Friday mornings. Ted and Bridget are besties and it is the cutest thing to see them play together! I am so thankful that it allows me to hang out with a sweet little teething grumpy Gus as long as he needs.

 Ted and his bestie

 Pretty much his worst day ever

Better days :)


  1. hope Ted feels better soon! no fun not knowing what is wrong. i'm giving up candy crush too…. don't think i got to the cake bombs?
    i really miss it.

  2. He is the sweetest! And yes, it's totally that he just wants to snuggle you all the days long :) I haven't watched the Oscars yet. I'm probably just going to watch MM's speech and whatever you're talking about with the pizza since that's ALL anyone's talking about. I'm a little delayed this week ;)