Thursday, March 20, 2014

Currently {6}

Thinking about: Family. We just said goodbye to my parents after an awesome week. This is the first time they've been out here since Ted was born. We've been to Iowa to visit a few times and we also saw them in Mexico for my sister's wedding, but this is the first time they got to see Ted's room, play with all his toys and basically run his household. :)

We had such a fun week! We went to a few Spring Training games, the State Capitol Museum, the zoo and fun walks around the neighborhood. The weather was perfect, a welcome break from the midwest tundra, and Ted loved all the attention from his Grandma and Papa!

I absolutely loved it. I grew up in a very close extended family and it breaks my heart all the time that we don't get to see them every day. I cling to and cherish these moments with family.

Reading: I mentioned before that one of my lenten goals is reading (and finishing) a book. My women's group just started Love and Respect: The Love She Most Desires, The Respect He Desperately Needs. We don't have a great track record for following through with reading books together. Hopefully Lent gives us the grace of discipline to all finish...I'm on chapter 1.

Listening to: Silence and I love it. It was a crazy, fun, noisy and wonderful week, but I am enjoying the silence...for right now :)

Watching: Survivor. I am a Survivor nerd, so much that I am even in a Survivor Pool every season. I have yet to win, I usually come in 4th. I have watched since the second season and I love it!

Thankful for: My wonderful family. As crazy, imperfect, and flawed as we all are, they are mine and I am thankful for the ability to love them exactly where they are at and thankful they love me the same in return. Ted is very lucky to have such a big and wonderful extended family and I hope he gets to be as close to them as I was growing up.

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