Monday, March 31, 2014

Currently {7}

Thinking about: Ted's first birthday! It's just around the corner! When I think about this past year, there are moments I feel like it flew by and others where I feel like it was moving at a snail's pace. I love those sweet newborn snuggles so much, but I am loving this infant stage even more. Ted changes so much every single day now. He loves to try and stand by himself...sometimes successful, sometimes not. He loves digging out handfuls of Cheerios from his snack cup. He thinks it's pretty cool he can hold on to his cup all by himself. He claps when I get him up from his nap, change his diaper, or take his towel out for bath time. I absolutely love this time with him. He definitely keeps me on my toes, but I honestly can't imagine it any other way! I look forward every day to see what he will learn or discover and I feel so much tremendous pride when he learns something new. The day he clapped for the first time, I felt like he found the cure for cancer...that's how excited I was. First time mom...what can I say? ;-)

Reading: Still on my book with my women's group. I'm really just not great at reading books like this. Why you ask?! Because I feel the entire book can usually be summed up in a chapter or two. However, it's also part of my Lenten commitment, so I am bound and determined to finish...I have three weeks! Eek!

Listening to: Getting my Lent on by listening to my dear friend Ike Ndolo's River album. It's been awhile since I've listened and it's just so awesome and so good for my soul right now. If you are in a mid-Lenten funk, this will get you through, I promise.

Watching: We rented Gravity and Delivery Man from Redbox and I actually stayed awake! Well, I guess I had to rewatch the end of Delivery Man Saturday morning, but close enough. I thought Delivery Man would be a little funnier, but it was still good. I'm always a fan of Vince Vaughn.

Also getting excited for the finale of HIMYM!! I'm sad to see it end, but really looking forward to see how Ted and his lady finally meet. I am a sucker for sappy comedies such as this. I heart Ted Mosby. I may or may not have named my son after him... ;-)

Thankful for: Relaxing weekends with my favorite boys. We had nothing on our agenda this weekend...nothing. And it was so sweet and wonderful. We went out for fish on Friday night and watched movies. We had an impromptu breakfast at the park after Jason's haircut. We also went to scope out a good spot at another park for Ted's birthday in a few weeks. I love weekends like this. Jason leaves for work before Ted wakes up in the morning and there are times he is even napping when he gets home. I love when we get to spend this time together as a family, especially with Ted learning new things every day!

Happy week everyone!


  1. I'm gonna rent that movie and listen to river again. Thx

  2. First birthdays... such an amazing time. Everyone tells us how hard it is to see kids growing so fast, and it's so. true.

  3. Cutie patootie! Happy almost birthday, Ted! Going to check out that Lent album now. Thanks for the rec!

    1. Hope you like it! He is a very good friend and also did the music at our wedding :)

  4. It does feel like it goes by so fast but so slow at the same time :) And I think babies around the one year mark are sooo much fun. My littlest one is 14 months old and makes me laugh so much :)

  5. Seriously, he is the cutest. ever. I can't believe he's already one soon... insanity. And that sounds like an amazing weekend :) I'm a little jelly of it.