Friday, May 9, 2014

Answer Me This {1} Link Up

I thought this would be fun in honor of Mother's Day. Thanks Dr. Mom and Catholic All Year for the idea and the questions. :)

Are you becoming your mother? 
In some ways I certainly hope so; in others, I hope I can learn from some of her mistakes. My mom is an amazing mother. She and my dad made a lot of sacrifices so she could stay home with us for as long as possible. I am the youngest, so by the time I was born, she was able to stay home for the most part full-time. She was the R.E. director at our church, so I could go with her to work. She also was a substitute teacher and on those days I would go to our neighbor's house. I was never fond of this. I loved being with my mom. In this regard, I feel like I am a lot like my mom. We have made a lot of sacrifices so I can stay home with Ted and I wouldn't trade that for anything. I had the best childhood with my mom always there for me and more than anything, I want to give that to Ted too.

I love my mom so much and I miss her every day. I love when she can visit or I get to go to Iowa and just spend time with her. We can talk about anything, but our conversations mostly center around teaching and Ted now. 

She loves her children unconditionally even though it can be painful (older brother issues I won't get into). I don't fully understand because even though I am a mom, I'm not "there yet" as a mom. It's easy to unconditionally love a one-year old. While I don't know that I would react the same, I understand the desire to do absolutely anything to help your kids. 

She is also an amazing teacher. I have never met a former student of hers who did not say she was their favorite teacher. People remember her fondly...she gives her students "Homefun" instead of homework and "Opportunities" instead of tests. I am honored to follow in her footsteps as a teacher and now a mother. 

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!

Coffee or Tea? 
Coffee! Preferably iced...even in the winter.

What foreign country would you like to visit?'s a long list. I would be happy going anywhere, but some of my top places I'd like to visit are Ireland, Greece, and New Zealand. Someday...but in the meantime, I have a lot of great memories from trips I've already taken. One of my favorites was going to Europe for three weeks with my bestie - pre-hubbies and pre-kiddos! Some crazy adventures neither of us could ever soon forget.

Do you cry easily?
Yes, definitely...when I am sad, angry, or not wanting to confront someone that I need to. But, most often it's due to reruns of Grey's Anatomy (bawl my eyes out every time George's dad dies or the girl looses her baby from falling in the shower) or any show where Matthew Fox cries. The list continues with sappy, sappy movies. Remember the Titans gets me every time and so does Steel Magnolias. I only have to see the last 20 minutes of Terms of Endearment and I am sobbing on the couch. Sometimes, my husband thinks I am crazy...

How often do you wear heels?
As close to NEVER as possible. I just can't do it. My sister loves heels and I have (finally) learned that any time she tells me a pair of heels is comfy that it is a bold-faced, sister lie. ;-) She's told me this and then taken her heels off only to see her toes blistered and bleeding! I can't do it. This is about as close as I will get...and these boots she let me borrow with the tiniest heel made me want to cut my feet off. I'll leave the heels to my sissy.

Do you play an instrument?
No, but I wish I did. I would love to play the piano. I tried to learn to play the guitar in fifth grade, but I just couldn't handle actually practicing. Oh, if I could only be one of those people who was magically gifted and only had to practice to get better, not to actually learn...

That was fun...happy I found this link-up! Since no blog is really complete without a few pictures of Ted, here he is getting his first (awful) mommy haircut. 

Bye, bye baby mullet.

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  1. What an interesting post. Your love for your mother is apparent. Cherish every day you have her! Mine has been gone for 20 years and I still miss her terribly.