Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Currently {13}

Thinking about: What an amazing man I married. Seriously, he's the best. He does so much to provide for our family and supports me staying home with Ted. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the trials of being a mom, that I forget how difficult it must be to be a dad sometimes. Jason leaves for work by 6:45 at the latest, so there are many mornings that he gets up, gets ready and leaves for work without seeing Ted. Until recently Ted would take a late afternoon nap, so that left a very small window for Ted and Jason to play together after work too. I think about that and it makes me so sad. But he does it...not because he loves his job (he likes it, but as all jobs it has its moments); he does it because he loves his family. He has such a great heart as a leader and a servant. He just found out that he cannot take the time off to go to Iowa for my favorite weekend of the summer. I was heartbroken. It's a weekend I look forward to all year and I want to share this tradition with him. My selfless, servant husband told me he wants Ted and I to go anyway. He will stay home and work while Ted and I go spend time with my family and friends in Iowa. Seriously, he's amazing and I am beyond blessed.

Listening to: Ted's sweet little babble talk. I have no idea what he is saying, but sometimes he babbles with so much intensity and expression that I really wish I knew what he was saying. He changes the pitch of his voice and makes these adorable faces as he just babbles away. Sometimes I think he is talking to Charlie, who really could care less what Ted is saying. He says "dada", "goggie", "yeah", but still no "mama". Waiting patiently Ted, waiting patiently...

Watching: Dolly Parton on the Today Show! Love her!

Reading: Remember how awesome I just said my husband is? ^^ Well, he just got even more awesome by buying me this book. Oh, he knows me so well and loves me despite my 90210 obsession.

Thankful for: A wonderful family weekend to celebrate Mother's Day. The weather was beautiful and all I wanted all weekend was to be outside and enjoy it as much as possible because soon...very, very, soon it is going to be ridiculously hot! On Friday we went out for pizza and to an ASU baseball game. On Saturday we took Ted to the Splash Pad and out for cheeseburgers (my current pregnancy craving). On Sunday, we went to Mass, to a delicious Mediterranean restaurant for lunch (mmm, chicken shawarma), and to the zoo. It was a beautiful afternoon to walk around. Best of all, just spending the weekend with my wonderful husband and my sweet Ted. 

I love seeing Jason and Ted interact. When Ted was only a few months old I remember Jason asking me why Ted didn't like him. Naturally, Ted only wanted me because I was nursing and with him all day. Now, Ted's face lights up and he shrieks with joy when he hears Jason come home. I loved capturing these sweet moments at the baseball game the other night.

My heart is so full right now.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a blessed week!


  1. What a lovely weekend, and a great husband! I wanted to be outside too! We stayed home but grilled outside. The weather was perfect! Happy Mother's Day. Hi Ted! Hi Jason!

  2. What a cute little guy! There's nothing like the precious bond between dada & son, too.

    Lovely blog--glad to be here from Currently :)

  3. This is so sweet, I love it! Especially the whole awesome-hubby part, that is how I feel about my guy too - we are beyond blessed!! Visiting from the Currently link-up today : )

  4. Your cup spilleth over! Thank you for sharing your joy...it's contagious! :o)

  5. Love this, Kel! You are so blessed, you're right! Jason is such an incredible father and husband. And Ted... he's just the best ever. ~Jenna