Friday, August 23, 2013

Five Favorites {5}

1. I went on my first bike ride since before Ted was born! We were supposed to have a birthday breakfast bike ride a couple of weeks ago for Jason's bday, but he had a flat tire. :-/ The other day, my foot was hurting so I didn't want to go for a run. Instead, I went for a bike ride. I prefer bike rides with my sweet hubby, but until Ted is old enough for a trailer, this was good enough.

2. I am lucky to share my birthday with a very special six year old, my soon-to-be niece! She is the cutest and we love getting to celebrate together. We seem to always have pizza, either going out for pizza or homemade by my sister. They are both equally delicious! This year, we opted for Spinato's Pizzeria - all of our favorites, and Ava picked out Bosa Donuts for our birthday dessert! Yum! Ted was super excited to rock his Spinato's tshirt!

3. I have officially started training as a VA (Virtual Assistant)! I am super excited about this opportunity for several reasons...1) I get to stay home with Ted. 2) I get to contribute to our family income while staying home with Ted. 3) I love learning new things. 4) I love working with and getting to know new people.

4. I found this delicious new coffee creamer, so now my coffee tastes like a Thin Mint cookie. Seriously, it's amazing.
5. We watched my friend's adorable little girl the past couple days and she's a little smitten with Ted...who isn't? ;-)

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