Friday, August 2, 2013

three months

My sweet boy is three months old! It is hard to believe it's been 3 months already. It seems like just yesterday we were here. At the same time, I can't remember what life was like without Ted. I'm still exhausted, still feel like I have no idea what I am doing, but somehow loving every minute of it. I could seriously just stare at him all day. It continues to amaze me every day that I get to be his mama.
Amazing how much he's grown!
Three months means time to party!

Isn't it funny how things change? I've always thought I knew so much about children. I've taught for 7 years, have taken countless child development classes and have been surrounded by children (friends and family) my whole life. Yet now that I am a mom and I am responsible for this little soul, I feel completely helpless. I question every single decision we are making. Is he nursing too much? Too little? Do I rock him to sleep? Or do I let him cry it out? Do I follow BabyWise or some other book that seems to think all babies are the same and completely contradict every other book.

I have quickly learned that no two babies are alike and I assumed that just because I have friends whose children slept through the night early that mine would too. What's that saying about when you ASSume? Needless to say, my child is not sleeping through the night. In fact, it seems that every time I say that he is sleeping well we have another long, horrible night like this one

So, if anyone asks again, "How is your child sleeping at night?" 

My new response is, "ehh, it could be better."
These snuggles get me through those sleepless nights.
{heart melt}

Ted's learned some new tricks this week! He's rolling over! No more swaddles at night! I put him on his back in his crib and he wakes up on his belly and sideways. We had to go buy some new footed jammies because he didn't have any that fit!

I'm learning to adjust to this new life with Ted. I have a lot of friends who are teachers who are either already back to school or getting to go back. 

Well, guess what? 

I'm not going back to teach! Usually around this time I start having the back to school anxiety dreams. I still have  them...maybe it's sympathy anxiety for my fellow teacher friends. All I know is that it feels AWESOME to not be going back to school! I do love teaching, but I really can't imagine sending Ted to daycare and then teaching other people's kids all day long. I am still working, I will just be doing it from home.

I am really excited and nervous about this new chapter in our family. It means some changes and sacrifices, but just look at this face...
totally worth it, right?
 Starting to love his toys
 Sun's out...guns out!
Loves his playmat

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  1. he is such a cutie! I hope we can meet him soon. Funny what you said about back to school dreams (nightmares) because I had a couple this week too and I'm not going back to teaching either. Still hasn't really hit me, maybe in September!