Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Currently {8}

Thinking about: Traveling on a plane with an almost one year old. We are going to visit Jason's family and I am slightly nervous about traveling with Ted now that he's almost one and constantly on the go! How to contain him for a three hour flight? He's not a fan of the Ergo, or sitting still for more than five seconds. Any recommendations are welcome and appreciated!

Reading: Ugh...still on Love and Respect. Every time I go to pick it up it feels a little like purgatory. Isn't reading supposed to be relaxing? I don't think I'm cut out for book discussions...

Listening to: Nothing. Silence. I love it.

Watching: Let me jump up on my soapbox and tell you why the HIMYM finale was SO AWFUL TO WATCH

  1. They spent an entire season on the weekend of Barney and Robyn's wedding only to find out 10 minutes into the finale they get divorced?!
  2. Ted finally meets the mother (whom I loved) and then doesn't marry her for seven years?! 
  3. They have two kids and then finally get married?! 
  4. We finally meet the mother only to have her suddenly die of some illness?! 
  5. Then his kids tell him he's clearly in love with their "Aunt Robin" and he should go ask her out?! 
  6. I read some blogs about people's responses and some said it was great because not all stories have happy endings?! Well, shouldn't a sitcom (situation-comedy) have a happy ending? I guess for those that liked Ted and Robin this is their happy ending. I think her character was always selfish, always focused on her career, never wanted's like Ted met the mother just so he could have kids and end up with Robin. you may detect, it annoyed me to no end. I had to rewatch the "Friends" finale to find my happy sitcom place again.
Also watching...Blackfish. I kind of wish I hadn't. I love it. After watching this, not so sure anymore. I know it's a documentary who's sole purpose is to get everyone to hate places like SeaWorld and you need to understand that going into it. I'm not a crazy animal lover that cares more about animals than people, but I do believe in treating animals humanely. I'm sure there is a way to teach people about orcas without putting them on display the way they do. A good documentary because it definitely makes you think. Just maybe wait until after you take the whole family to my favorite happiest place on earth before you watch it. :)

Thankful for: TEETH! Ted finally has one sweet little (sharp) tooth popping through! And I will say, I am quite thankful now he did not get one until 11 months because OUCH! I'm thankful he only nurses twice a day now.

Also so thankful for good friends and beautiful weather. Yesterday, Ted and I went on a walk to the park with a friend and her two kids. I love seeing Ted interact with other children and see him laugh and smile so much. We had such a fun picnic and he loved the swing and the sand!


  1. Found you through the link-up! I think flying seems scarier than it is. I wrote a post a while back about taking our 13 month old to Hawaii if you want to check it out!